Protect your business.
Fight human trafficking.

DeliverFund leverages counterintelligence to protect big businesses
from human trafficking activity and liability.

Human traffickers are leveraging big business for criminal activity.

Armed with inexpensive data services to disguise criminal activity, sophisticated human traffickers are difficult to identify, creating new liabilities.

Regulatory fines

Civil litigations

Brand damage

Smart data.
Sophisticated analysts.

When human traffickers attempt to utilize your business for criminal activity, DeliverFund counters with intelligence.

Pairing the world’s largest database of human trafficking intelligence with highly trained analysts, we identify traffickers and deliver actionable intelligence reports.

  • Find potential human traffickers in your current and future customer base.
  • Reliable, verifiable, and actionable data.

DeliverFund is on a mission to end human trafficking.

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Intelligence Reports

Industries We Serve

DeliverFund protects critical industries targeted by human traffickers.

When businesses cut off human traffickers from conducting criminal activities through their services, traffickers will be backed into a corner.

Financial Institutions

DeliverFund will notify institutions when traffickers use banks, wire services, and gift cards to stop money laundering and remain compliant.


Human traffickers use motels, hotels, or B&Bs as the center of their criminal activity. Our technology can identify traffickers and victims.


DeliverFund can identify traffickers at the point of sale when human traffickers purchase flights, taxis and ride-share services to transport victims.

Social Media

Human traffickers use social media to scale their grooming and recruiting capabilities.

A plan to disrupt the human trafficking market in your industry.

1. Consultation

2. Implementation

3. Intelligence Reports

DeliverFund is the first organization that I believe is bringing the comprehensive, coordinated, systemic change that will end human trafficking. Their unique approach is undoubtedly the most impactful to combat human trafficking.

Timea Nagy Payne
Human Trafficking Survivor, Author of "Human Trafficking Detection for Financial Institutions" and "Out of the Shadows"

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